Fixed a bug that caused a question to be skipped when the Next Question button was focused and Enter was pressed.

When connected to the internet, question sets from can be downloaded from the File menu.

Added the ability to check for updates to question sets.

Updated the Question Set file format to include a name, material group, and version number.


Bad question reports are now automatically uploaded when an internet connection is available.


Fixed an issue where opening a question set file (rather than using File->Import) caused the set to be named 'Unknown' in the new quiz dialogue

Fixed an issue with exporting the bad question list.

Fixed an issue with randomizer quote percentages where a few interrogative questions were included when set to 100% quotes.

Fixed an issue where the program failed to start if the application data folder did not exist.


Fixed a bug where chapters were sorted low-to-high rather than high-to-low when expanding a set to the desired question count.
During randomization, after assigning questions by word-count, the set will be smaller than specified due to rounding. Questions are then 'dealt out' to the chapters with the highest fractional question...since this was backwards, the chapters with the lowest fractional question were being give the additional questions.
This was also the source of the issue addressed in 1.60 and replaces that fix.


Tweaked the randomizer because very small chapters (Rev 15) were never included in a set of 75 questions.


Enabled https for online quizzing.


Ensure values on the new quiz dialogue are in range, prevents a crash if the config somehow gets corrupted.

Added a Reset Config option to the Admin Menu.


Fixed a error when adding a 255+ char verse to a random set.


Fixed a typo in the default question prefix.

Fixed an issue that limited the length of verses, questions, and answers to 255 characters.

Updated the question sets since the character limit issue was saved there.


Added the option to invert light states in the team settings dialog.


Fixed a bug where pressing an arrow key could be processed twice, skipping a question.


Allow opening external sets with less than the expected number of columns.


Fixed a bug in the select individual verses dialogue that caused some verses to appear selected when they were not.


Fixed a bug in the select individual verses dialogue where a chapter's verses could be out of order.


Added select individual verses under options in the new quiz dialogue.

Added bad question reporting on the toolbar, export under file menu.

Added ability to open external question sets, format is tsv:
'Book Chapter Verse Question Answer VerseText'


Added question highlighter under preferences.


Fixed a bug that caused team names to reset when changing light style.