Fixed a bug that caused quizzers in seats that another quizzer had erred/quizzed out from to be moved to subs when a score was edited.

Fixed a bug that caused the last entry in the quizmasters editor to not be saved.

Added Event and Question Count columns to team stats when Merge is unchecked.

Added Event, Question Count and Quizmaster columns to quizzer stats when Merge is unchecked.


Fixed a bug that where some quizzes .stats files were opened by the wrong reader for their version of the file format.

Added the ability to get unmerged stats for teams.

Added Side and Quizmaster columns to team stats when Merge is unchecked.


Fixed a bug that corrupted quizzes that had been saved before 1.9.

Fixed a bug that allowed separate New Quiz Dialogs to edit the same quiz.


Fixed a bug that prevented quizzes that were opened, rather than created, from being saved.

By default, nothing will be selected in the Stats Window, this forces the user to make a selection, eliminating the possibility of using the default selection by mistake.

If a quizzer has more than one name in quizzes selected in the Stats Window, the name from the latest quiz will be used for the stats. This allows typos to be corrected mid event.

Added a Mixed quiz template to the schedule editor, the Mixed template allows each team to have a different source, allowing any combination of Fixed, Seeded, and Bracket.

Added a Quizmaster field to quizzes, the ability to select a quizmaster on the New Quiz Dialog, and a Quizmasters Editor under the Season Menu.


Fixed a bug that caused team technicals to be assigned to the period 'None.' This meant that if a team was assigned a technical in overtime, they would lose by default because the technical would be applied before the overtime period.

Fixed an issue where quizzes that were loaded to fetch previous quiz results (for the New Quiz Dialog) weren't properly closed if the quiz was incomplete. This caused the incomplete quiz to get 'stuck' in memory.

Fixed a bug that prevented partial/'Starting' quizzes from being correctly uploaded to


Added 'Quiz Name' as an editable field in the Admin Quiz Editor.

Added an 'i_quizoutPeriodBonus' rule to be consistent with the other individual rules.

All rules will now reset to their default values when creating a new season.

Allow saving schedules with only a single quiz.

Fixed an issue where live score updates were sent when a device read previous quiz results to determine the teams in the next round.

Fixed several issues that could cause quizzes with an open editor to be removed from memory before their editors were closed, making the 'X' button (and all controls) unresponsive.

Fixed an issue where the quiz would fail to save if the name of the active event contained characters that are not allowed in filenames. [/\:*] etc.


Include 'quizoutPeriodBonus' rules in score calculation for the individual quiz type.


Added Site and Round columns to quizzer stats.

Added a 'Final (OT)' status for live scores, this avoids confusion in cases where the first-place team has less points that a team that was in overtime.

Fixed an issue with detecting column type when importing quiz off lineups.

Fixed an issue with uploading quiz off schedules to the live scores site.


Fixed a visual bug, entries in a teams running score would sometimes show the wrong value after editing a quizzer's score.

Fixed an issue with importing schedules, rounds would fail to import if they contained only a single quiz.


Fixed several issues related to schedules and two team quizzes.

Fixed an issue with the placement sorting for individual quizzing.


Fixed an issue with reading stats for old quizzes, quizzer scores were being read as correct answers.

Fixed an issue that prevented unscheduled individual quizzes from starting.

Fixed an issue where the nex quiz ID was not reliably validated if the active season was changed on a different device.

Fixed an issue that prevented scheduled teams from loading if that team was already selected on the new quiz dialog.

Disabled a debug feature that snuck into v1.1 which auto selected three teams on the new quiz dialog.


Added the ability to create Individual (Quiz Off) type quizzes.

Changed the sorting of quizzes in the quiz browser, the newest round from the latest event will be at the top.

Added an option to copy the template id of a scheduled quiz, by right clicking on it in the schedule editor.

Fixed an issue that allowed duplicate quizzers in the database.

Fixed an issue that leaked memory each time the new quiz dialog was opened.


Fixed another issue that caused duplicate quiz ids, side-effect of the changes in 0.94.


Edits will be rejected when entering a duplicate ID in the Admin Quiz Editor.

The Admin Quiz Editor can now delete quizzers or teams from a quiz by setting their id to -1 and saving, note that this cannot be undone.

Fixed a rare issue that could cause duplicate quiz ids if the program was uninstalled and reinstalled.

Quizzer stats will now use the team from the quizzer's latest quiz if the quizzer was on multiple teams. Previously it used the team from the quizzer's first quiz.


By default, the open quiz and quiz browser dialogs filter out everything except the active season.

The captain warning is no longer shown if all the quizzers are subs.

Fixed a bug that allowed entering of null values when editing a quizzer's score.


Added an option to specify the computer name in the settings, value should be unique per device.

Added missing captain column to the teams table of the Admin Quiz Editor.

Fixed an issue where settings weren't refreshed when opening an existing database, which could lead to settings being changed unintentionally.

Fixed an issue with editing quizzer IDs in the Admin Quiz Editor. If the edited quizzer was a captain, the team's captain id wasn't updated causing a crash if opened in the Regular Quiz Editor.


Enabled the quizzer context menu on the New Quiz Dialog.

Made improvements to the Admin Quiz Editor, less likely to allow entering of bad values.


Added an Admin Quiz Editor that can edit everything: ids, names, etc.

Updated and enable the Live Scoring features.

Added a way to preview team placements for scheduled seeded rounds.

Fixed a issue where the lineup editor corrupted stats by changing quizzer IDs


Fixed a issue where teams from the previously active season were selectable in the schedule editor if the editor was used for the previous season.


Fixed a issue with writing files that was introduced in 0.84


Fixed a bug where only timeouts could only be used once, timeouts were being charged to the rules rather than the teams.

Fixed an issue where undone actions were not saved/loaded correctly. If there was an undone action, the last action would fail to load. (actually, one action per undone action)


Fixed a bug where bonus notifications failed to show.


Fixed an issue where the new quiz dialog could open off screen.

Fixed an issue where captain-status wasn't removed if the captain became a sub.


Fixed an issue with importing schedules, empty quizzes were pushed to the right.

Fixed an issue where warnings were shown for disabled quizzes when saving a schedule.

Fixed an issue with converting some numbers to places.


Changed the .quiz file format so that it's decoupled from the database.

Added the lineup editor.

Added schedules.

Added an about menu.

Optimized a number of UIs.

Lineup UIs now require a signoff before locking.

You can now sub quizzers who have erred out or quizzed out back into the seats.

Deleted quizzes are now sent to the recycle bin.

Fixed an isssue that caused a crash if a lineup to the left of another team was blank in the new quiz dialog.

Fixed an issue where some changes were not being applied if a quiz was opened rather than created.

Fixed an issue where the 'quizoutPeriodBonus' rules were not applied.

Fixed an issue where a team could lose 1st place after winning, if tied 2nd/3rd place teams reached a higher score in overtime.


Fixed a bug that could cause two quizzers to have the same ID after editing an existing season.


Fixed a bug that caused miscalculation of bonus points.

Fixed a bug that prevented quizzers added to existing teams from getting saved.


Changes made in the Season Editor won't corrupt saved quizzes.
--Can Add/Delete/Rename quizzers and teams.
--Note: Overwiting a season with imported teams will still corupt that season's existing quizzes.


Initial Release